Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey, everyone!

So I know I've been big-time absent from this blog. A lot has been going on to where it was hard to maintain two blogs (this one and The Reading Hedgehog), and I had to take a break from both when I got back from New York. So, yes, life has been crazy.

Which you would think means I would have been focusing on this blog more, since it is a personal blog and designed to relate the craziness. I guess I'm still learning the finer points of personal blogging.

As a quick overview: I have been traveling, and hopefully I'll get posts up about that sometime in the near(ish) future. When I got back from traveling, I got super busy with taking more swing dance classes - including Lindy Hop. I've also been busy making summer plans, hanging out with friends, outlining my gameplan for finding a new job in the very near future, and reading and writing.

I'm going to try and return to blogging on Curves In the Road. I miss it; I really do. And I want to get back in the kitchen again, too, and share awesome recipes with all of you. So keep your eyes open; I will return!