Kitchen Adventures

"Life begins in the kitchen."

I don't remember who told me that, but oddly enough - if you think about it - it's very true. The kitchen is where goodies for parties, family dinners, friendly meet-ups, and crying sessions come from. The kitchen is where we head in the morning for that "before work" fuel-up, in the middle of the day for an extra dose of energy, and at the end of it. Without the kitchen, life simply wouldn't exist.

Below is a list of recipes I've shared on Curves In The Road. You can find sources listed on each post - I can't take credit for inventing any of these, and I want to give what's due to the lovely people who were brilliant enough to come up with all of these beautiful goodies that make life so wonderful.

Blackened Cajun Chicken
Czech Poppy Seed Bread
Garlic Knots
Honey Mustard Salmon
Indian Meatballs with Curry Coconut Sauce
Italian Easter Bread
Lime Cilantro Chicken
White Wine Chicken

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