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The road of life is full of twists and turns - "curves," if you will. Sometimes you expect them, like a helpful caution sign; other times they are just suddenly there. The curves can be good or they can be awful. But life has them, we all encounter them, and we either make the best of them or let them ruin our roadtrip.

Curves In The Road is a place to share experiences in life. The good, the bad; the beautiful, the ugly. The blessings and curses; the norm and the extraordinary. Curves In The Road is a journey through it all. Its creation was inspired by a wish to have a place to set down random thoughts and experiences. It's designed for people to stumble across it, like an oasis, and share their own little nuggets of life as well. Curves In The Road isn't all contemplation, though; there's fun stuff, too! Recipes, activities, quotes, and randomness.

Whoever finds their way to Curves In The Road, have fun exploring and please feel free to comment and question! This is a safe place for people to share their own roadtrips.

The Blogger

I am a 23-year-old just trying to figure out my place in life, like so many others. People say that you'll know everything you want to do when you enter adulthood; it isn't true. And there's nothing wrong with that. Part of the adventure - the experience - is discovering what you want out of it all, and it requires a lot of trial and error, tons of tea (or coffee!), buckets of tears and laughter, supportive friends and family, and hours of contemplation. Through many sessions of just such therapy, I've decided to embrace life as it is and always find the good in everything. Life is an adventure; mine as well treat it like one! My interests are eclectic, varying, and too numerous to list. But don't worry - you'll get to know me through this blog.

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