Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sweet & Sour: No Energy & Driving

Sweet & Sour is a weekly feature where I talk about one "sweet" thing that happened - and one "sour" thing. Because life throws us lemons and cookies! But because bad news should always come first, we're doing this in reverse order!

The Sour

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were no-energy days. I'm not entirely sure why, though I suspect anticipation over my second driving test had something to do with it. But I worked through it. I didn't let myself dwell on all the things I had to do. I created lists for each day and worked through the tasks, one at a time. Cleaned out my closet and organized a few other things, and it made me feel better.

The Sweet

I passed my driving test! I now have my license! No more chauffeurs! Though admittedly if I had Tom Branson has my chauffeur. . . . ;-) I am so, so, so glad it's all over. I was nervous, even though it was my second time and therefore I should have known what to expect and not been even more nervous than my first time. But I was. And I guess if I'm not nervous, I can't pass tests. Go figure. But I did! And I can drive myself now!!

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