Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day #2: Life's Little Adventures

I just want to talk about the wonderful weather we're having right now. It is nippy out, but when you stand directly in the sun, it's like stepping into a little piece of Paradise. Spring is officially here and I think we're also getting a hint of what summer is going to be like! I love fall and winter - I'm a "skirts with boots; scarves and leather jackets and cute hats and layered tops" type of girl. Jewel tones, warm oranges, bright Christmas red, burnished gold. But I am so, so ready to pull out the bright sundresses, straw sun hats, chunky jewelry, and spiffy shades.

Yesterday is a bit of a blur; I'm not sure why. I spent a lot of time reading snatches of While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax (a really good book, BTW) and researching apartment prices in the town I'm wanting to move to in a few years: Olympia. It was mostly out of curiosity, but I did find some apartment complexes that I'm going to keep my eye on once the fantasy turns into reality. I might have already fallen in love with one of them, too. . . .

The rest of the day was spent with prepping dough for today's bread, hedgehog playtime, and outlining my finances. This girl has to buckle down and actually start pinching pennies, and I love nothing more than making lists and charts and bullet points. It's weird, actually, how much I love doing that. And like any good BBC girl, I watched the latest episode of Grantchester while I was doing it. Gotta fit in the BBC when I can, right? And I'm all about felling two trees in one blow.

All of this has reminded me how important it is to have things to look forward to in life; even if it's little things. For instance, I'm going to cinema with some friends to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Sunday night. I've already seen it and going to cinema isn't necessarily a big deal. But I'm unaccountably excited about it. My week is filled with endless appointments, organizing things, and club meetings. I'm exhausted and probably the last thing I should have done was schedule a cinema trip on the day that I have two other engagements. But I love it so very much. I love being busy, doing things, and every little moment is like a mini adventure. Even the cinema! Even though I've gone to the cinema with these friends several times and have already seen the movie. I know it will be fun and I'm going to absorb every moment of it.

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