Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day #4: More Bleh Moments

Sadly, the nice weather has disappeared and we're back to the rain. But the sun will return this weekend, and rain isn't all bad. Rain makes things grow and cleanses away the dirt and leaves things fresh and new and revitalized. Rain is sort of like natural baptism.

I wasn't awake yesterday, and I didn't even try to fool anyone into thinking I had energy. Admitting to myself and the world that I was kind of a zombie actually kept me from developing a bad mood. I got through the day, which was a long one. Woke up at my customary 8 o'clock (still really not liking it), baked blueberry muffins while I plowed through some chapters in my 6+ currently reading pile, purchased even more books at work, and then had Lit Club.

Lit Club is my little writer's group. There aren't many of us, but we have fun sharing our writing and artwork and talking about movies and books and manga and anime. Like with any group of friends, there's a lot of tangents, but it's fun.

Unfortunately, getting home heralded an hour-long battle with my hedgehog as I tried to trim his nails. He was in an especially bratty mood, and he is super ticklish. He was having none of it and I had another lesson in patience. Hedgehogs are wonderful pets, but you most definitely have to be a patient person. I got all of his feet done but one. It can keep until tonight, when I can have someone's help holding him down. It should not take two people to clip a hedgehog's nails, but my hedgie is a pill. Adorable and squishy and my buddy - but a pill nonetheless.

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