Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day #11: Traveling Fool

When I was little, I dreamed of nothing else but traveling to distant places and seeing things (okay, I also dreamed of owning my very own private library). As I got older, I craved this more and more, but the means seemed unattainable. During what I call my Dark Days (when I was pessimistic and depressed and negative), I totally despaired of ever seeing anything outside of Washington and Oregon. And to be honest, I haven't even seen much of those two states.

Life seems to have new plans for me; or maybe it was its plan all along. I'm turning into a traveling fool! This weekend, I spent the night up in Seattle with some friends, where we ate at Bambino's and then went to Seattle Swing (pictures will follow this Friday). It was awesome. I thought I would be dead Monday morning, as I stayed up until 12:30am, and then had to get up at 7:00am to drive back for work. The exhaustion didn't hit me until today, actually.

At the end of April, I'm spending five days in Nashville, Tennessee. Well, actually, one day in Nashville - where I'm going to attend the launch party for YA author Sharon Cameron's newest book at Parnassus Books. Then I'm heading to Kentucky to visit relatives. But I'll have quite a bit of time in Nashville before the event, so I'm hunting up things that bookworms need to go see - as well as coffee shops and places to eat. Recommendations are so very much welcome, by the way!

At the end of May, I'm heading to BookCon in New York City for five days! I'm going to get lots of site-seeing in while I'm there. Museums, bookstores, and as many ethnic food street vendors as I can possibly find. And since I'm staying in a historic art deco hotel, I'm totally doing some hotel explorations!

I'm probably going to do a day trip to some places in Oregon and Washington that I have been to, but have never actually explored. Like Port Townsend, Astoria, Port Angeles - just to name a few. It'd be awesome to go to Yahats again, too. What I really want to do is do a bookstore/library tour of Washington. How fun would that be?!

And next year, I want to road-trip to the LindyHop Festival in Houston, Texas, and the year after that - a pony tour of Iceland. If things really line up and I have a job at the prosecutor's office next year, these traveling dreams will be even more likely.

Rewards really do come to those who wait. You just have to accept that if it isn't happening yet, it just isn't the right time. But your dreams and wishes will happen - eventually. Mine certainly seem to, and I don't think it's just because I'm "one of the lucky ones."

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