Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sweet & Sour: Emotional Overload & Launch Parties

Sweet & Sour is a weekly feature where I talk about one "sweet" thing that happened - and one "sour" thing. Because life throws us lemons and cookies! But because bad news should always come first, we're doing this in reverse order!

The Sour

I have been running nonstop for the last three weeks. Despite my love of being busy, hanging out with friends, and just always having a full schedule, I am still an introvert at heart. And introverts need at least one day every week for Alone Time. However, I haven't had that 24-hour Alone Time in 3 weeks. I knew an emotional volcano was going to erupt; I had hoped it would happen after the weekend - more specifically, after Sunday - but it didn't. It happened a few nights ago. On retrospect, though, it's probably better to have had it happen before my big night out to Seattle Swing. And at least I knew that I just needed to let it happen and I would feel a lot better. I don't know about "lots better," but a little calmer, at least. Now I'm just bone tired.

The Sweet

YA author Sharon Cameron has personally invited me to come to the launch party for her new book Rook in Nashville, Tennessee! And my grandparents are offering to pay for the plane ticket, provided I spend some time with them. Whether or not I take them up on that offer, if my boss gives me the okay, I am going to Nashville at the end of April, and I am meeting Sharon Cameron!!!!!!


  1. That's so awesome! I bet that will be a lot of fun :) Ugh, last week was tough for me too, had family staying the week before, and did to much to do and last week was just me trying to get back onto a normal schedule. It is very hard for introverts to keep up in society for too long.

    1. I know! I am so excited for it! I'm more than a little terrified at the idea of navigating the airport by myself and possibly having to get a cab to and from the event if my relatives can't come get me, but it will be an experience. It is hard for introverts to continuously be in society for too long. I love, love, love being busy and hanging out with my swing team, but I am so incredibly out of energy, it isn't even funny. i need to sleep for like three weeks.

    2. Yup that's exactly how I feel. I do love hanging out with my friends, and thankfully they all understand that I need space too and caffeine if I haven't gotten enough sleep (my one friend has coined if "friendly juice") I'm sure you'll be fine at the airport, I know I tend to stress about those things too, but usually, they end up being not nearly as confusing or difficult once you actually get there. At least you have family close enough too, so if you do need help, you won't be abandoned haha :)

    3. My friends are awesome in that way, too. A lot of them are introverts as well, so we all hit the exhaustion level at about the same time and we're all like, "Okay, time to have time away from you guys! See you when I'm all charged up again!" I was lucky and booked all of my flights - including the layovers - on the same airline, so I will have an easier time finding them! :)