Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day #10: Running On Empty

So I really do love being busy. There's nothing more satisfying than looking at my calender and seeing full days. But while I have fun getting out and doing things, I am still an introvert at heart, and introverts need a day to be by themselves and recharge. I especially do, because I will never say no to another social engagement if I have time to squeeze it in. And the ending result of being an introvert who doesn't turn down invitations? I don't get nearly enough rest and then I crash.

I'm hitting my crashing point.

The last two weeks were busy as all hell. My off days from work were taken up with shopping errands, which are almost most exhausting than work. My mornings have been taken up with another side job that is (thankfully) coming to an end this week. I've had something going almost every Saturday evening, so my usual Pajama Day has been interrupted. I have had so much baking and cooking to do for various occasions and events and club meetings, I have been finalizing plans for my visit to New York and BookCon, which has been both fun and a burden.

And, to top it all off, my car broke down right when I needed it. Some friends and I are going swing dancing up in the Big City this weekend, and I was supposed to be the third driver. While parents are scrambling to find a new car, I'm desperately trying to get used to carpooling to positively everywhere again. It's no fun.

I can feel The Crash coming. I know it'll happen, and there will be tears and maybe some screaming. I need to let it take its course. I only hope I don't get so tired that I can't enjoy the big plans I have this week.

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