Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sweet & Sour: Feeling for Friends and New Frocks

Sweet & Sour is a weekly feature where I talk about one "sweet" thing that happened - and one "sour" thing. Because life throws us lemons and cookies! But because bad news should always come first, we're doing this in reverse order!

The Sour

One of my friends is having a rough week. She found out some unhappy and very serious news about a friend. While I don't know her friend, my heart and prayers go out for her, and meanwhile I feel pain for my friend. I don't like to see my friends upset, and I'm trying to just be here for her while she gets through the sucky week.

The Sweet

I got a new dress! A gorgeous mint-green lacy frock. Why did I get it? Sunday Swing (yep, I go dancing twice a week now) is having a green dress night this weekend and I suddenly realized that out of all the dresses I own, I do not in fact own a green one! So an emergency shopping trip was required. Isn't it a lovely dress?!

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