Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day #8: A Good Kind of Tired

So this week has been the furthest thing from restful. Yesterday was errands, appointments, planning out menus, binge-reading Delirium (and limping painfully through more chapters of Twilight), and then dancing (of course). I look like Death today, but it's a good sort of tired. I like to being busy.

Best of all, though, I got my hair cut! I would post a picture, but I want to wait until April, because I get auburn highlights! I want to show it off when it's complete. We'll just say that it's awesome and giving me an excuse to learn how to use things like hair mousse and hair spray. Also got some lovely spring eye shadow colors that I'm loving.

I had some philosophical thing to muse on today, but I'm frankly a little too tired, so I'll save it for tomorrow. How is this Wednesday treating you? How did your Tuesday go? Share!

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